North Creek Depot Museum Membership

The North Creek Depot museum is a National Theodore Roosevelt historic site and is independently operated by the North Creek Railway Depot Preservation Association. Museum members and donors support The North Creek Depot Museum. This support is tremendously important to the museum’s ability to carry out its mission.

The North Creek Depot Museum’s Dunham Studio designed diorama of North Creek and the Adirondack Railroad is truly a centerpiece of the museum. Other rooms in the museum tell the history and heritage of the central Adirondack Mountains – the place and its people, and the story of the Theodore Roosevelt’s Midnight Ride to the Presidency, to thousands of visitors each year. The historic structures, exhibits, educational programs, and publications that are enjoyed by so many are maintained by the generous financial contributions of individuals like you.

Why Should I Become a Member?

With private support, the museum is able to maintain its existing programs, acquire new artifacts, develop new exhibits and publications, and expand into other related historic preservation. Your gift in support of The North Creek Depot Museum’s general operations will enable the museum to continue its tradition of excellence.
The North Creek Depot Museum represents a quality of life indicator when the area is measured for cultural, educational, and recreational facilities.

Membership Benefits Package…

  • Invitations to private receptions for new exhibits and blockbuster exhibitions, and our Gala Summer Event. Two free tickets included for donation Over $250.00.
  • Priority registration and discounted fees for lectures, dinner-and-a-movie, tours, and workshops.
  • Newsletter.

Membership in the museum is $35 per year for individuals and $50 per family. Benefactor Memberships are $250 and Corporate Memberships are $500.  Please consider joining the advisory “Committee of 100”, dues are $100 annually and show a commitment to the Museum.  There are many ways for you to contribute and many benefits (including tax deductions) to supporting the Museum. In addition, many companies offer matching contributions for donations to the North Creek Depot Museum check with your employer.

If you are interested in supporting The North Creek Depot Museum, or in volunteering at the museum, please contact the Museum at:

North Creek Depot Museum
PO Box 156
5 Railroad Place
North Creek, NY 12853
Phone: (518) 251-5842